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Knowledge, creativity and professionalism

We design, structure, place, and then manage investment funds. We use our creativity and our knowledge of the financial markets to create innovative and tailor-made funds, allowing our clients to take advantage of market opportunities that are usually overlooked by our competitors.

In addition, we structure, place and manage investment funds exclusively dedicated to investing in alternative assets and that are managed by the best international asset managers.

ASSET Administradora General de Fondos is an entity regulated by the Superintendencia de Valores y Seguros de Chile, with a vast track record managing capital for institutional and private investors, both local and foreign, since 2011.

Business Principles


Our clients’ interests will
always come before our own

Our success depends on the success of our clients. We strive to identify and serve their real needs, and also to align our interests with theirs.


Our most important asset is our reputation
and our people

We think like owners in our daily work. We give ourselves the time to make decisions which we can be proud of in the long term, with unreserved respect for the law, and with total integrity in both our professional and our personal lives. We never sacrifice our intellectual honesty for our particular interests or to inappropriate pressures.


Team work is the best way to give superior
results to our clients

In our work we foster diversity, creativity and innovation, and we always challenge existing formulas in search of the best solution for our clients.


We look for answers to the questions we encounter
with an open mind and without prejudices

We take into account all opinions on their own merit, regardless of their origin. We value open dialogue and constructive criticism in our search for the best solutions to our clients’ challenges.


We like to feel proud of the quality
and excellence of our work

We pay special attention to details, and we work to deliver excellent results to our clients. We are never satisfied with being merely compliant.


Our size allows us to be very close to our clients,
something we intend to preserve

It strengthens our human relations in an environment of loyalty and honesty. We are convinced that this is the environment in which we can best serve our clients.


We say things upfront and we
never speak badly of our colleagues,
clients or competitors

We make ourselves responsible for our decisions and we never hide a mistake.


Our daily efforts
are first with our clients and then
with our professional development

To that end, we pay special attention to team work helping each other at work and giving each other honest feedback at all times.


We like to have fun at work and we value
humility and a good sense of humor

We take our work very seriously, but not ourselves.

Contact Us

Rosario Norte 615, oficina 1801, Las Condes,
Santiago, Chile